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Wimmis – das Dorf am Niesen

Wimmis – das Dorf am Niesen

Sights and history

Of Roman settlements and queens

The castle and church are prominently located in the middle of the village, at the foot of the Burgfluh and visible from afar. Built in the early Middle Ages, in the 12th century the fortress was converted into a castle by the barons of Strättligen. For many centuries the fortress and later the castle served as a checkpoint at the important and sometimes fiercely contested mouth of the Simmental valley. Until the 5th century Wimmis even had a town charter. The foundations of the castle church date back to the time of Queen Berta, Queen of Burgundy (907-966) and of Lombardy.

In the Wimmis Historic Museum the history of the village through the millennia is told: from the cave dwellers of the Simmenfluh, the Roman settlement at the Pintel as well as life and death during the plague. It also tells the story of early mountain tourism in Wimmis, as our village was a popular starting point for climbing the Niesen.

The opening hours of the museum, additional information about the exhibitions and contact information for individual guided tours are available here.

Castle and church tours 2020

From May to October there are monthly guided tours of one and a half hours’ duration. Participants meet in the courtyard of the castle, registration is not necessary. However, the tours are not suitable for people with physical disabilities. The next guided tours will take place on: 21 April, 30 Juni, 4 August, 15 September, in each case at 7.30 pm, and 27 October at 6.30 pm.

Guided tours for groups are available on request. The basic fee is CHF 50 per guide and CHF 3 per person. Registrations are accepted by the castle guide:

Fritz Walther, 033 657 19 54 or 079 361 04 71

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