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Wimmis – das Dorf am Niesen

Wimmis – das Dorf am Niesen


Chirschmueset (cherry puree) – a living tradition

Since the 16th century cherries have been pureed in Wimmis so that they can be stored. This tradition is preserved and carefully kept alive. The cherries are painstakingly checked, mashed in barrels and spread through linen sacks with special sticks. This separates the juice, pulp and stones. The juice obtained in this way is thickened by boiling for hours in a cheese kettle and stirring constantly to a spreadable mass, the ‘chirschmues’ (cherry puree). ‘Wimmiser Chirschmues’ is a natural product, which means that the yield varies from year to year and the supply can be correspondingly scarce. This speciality is sold in various shops in the village.

Hudlete & Pööglete – next generation

At the beginning of every January the evil spirits are driven out in Wimmis. This Wimmis tradition, which has existed for centuries, has been successfully carried out in various forms over the last 20 years.

Now it's time to breathe new life into the old tradition. In future the children and young people will meet in the roller hockey hall on 2 January to have fun, discover new things or ask critical questions of the community's political leaders. In the afternoon the children head in procession to the old people's home to delight the residents with their singing and music. Finally the procession reaches the castle. Will the ghost escape the kids this year...?