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Wimmis – das Dorf am Niesen

Wimmis – das Dorf am Niesen

Wimmis Tourism Association

On behalf of guests and local residents

The aim of the Wimmis Tourism Association is to promote tourism in the municipality by means of communication, to implement measures to enhance and preserve the village (e. g. by providing benches or the organisation of flower decoration competitions), to organise the' Chirschmueset' and to ensure the maintenance of the forest hut and the 'Herrenmätteli’ barbecue area. The castle and church tours, which are also organised by the Wimmis Tourism Association, are very popular. The association contributes to the cost of lighting the castle and the church. The Wimmis Tourism Association is made up of local citizens who have dedicated themselves to achieving these goals. The various activities and offers are financed by the income from the visitor tax and membership fees.