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Wim­mis Tourism

Wel­come to Wimmis! 

Our vil­lage is the ideal star­ting point for an expe­ri­ence holi­day in the ent­ire Ber­nese Ober­land – far from the hustle and bustle of the city but still cen­trally loca­ted. On the fol­lowing pages we take you on a tour of our char­ming and unspoilt vil­lage, and show you the wide range of pos­si­ble excur­si­ons at dif­fe­rent times of the year.

Tou­rist infor­ma­tion in the com­mu­nity centre 

You will find our tou­rist office in the Wim­mis com­mu­nity centre at Bahn­hofstrasse 7. 

Wim­mis Tou­ris­mus, Bahn­hofstrasse 7, 3752 Wim­mis
Tele­fon +41 33 657 81 11,  E‑Mail: tourismus@wimmis.ch

Vil­lage Life

Life in Wim­mis – appe­aling and close to nature 

Around 2500 resi­dents, restau­rants, busi­nes­ses, shop­ping faci­li­ties and an active range of clubs repre­sent the heart­beat of our vil­lage. Wim­mis has excel­lent trans­port links, which means that work­pla­ces in Thun, Bern or throughout the region can easily be reached with public trans­port or by car. Wim­mis its­elf is an ideal place in which to live and work. The iden­tity of our vil­lage has been shaped by its agri­cul­tu­ral past. Today a large num­ber of agri­cul­tu­ral and com­mer­cial enter­pri­ses are the main employers.

Sights and history 

Of Roman sett­le­ments and queens 

The castle and church are pro­mi­n­ently loca­ted in the middle of the vil­lage, at the foot of the Burg­fluh and visi­ble from afar. Built in the early Middle Ages, in the 12th cen­tury the fort­ress was con­ver­ted into a castle by the barons of Strätt­li­gen. For many cen­tu­ries the fort­ress and later the castle ser­ved as a check­point at the important and some­ti­mes fier­cely con­tes­ted mouth of the Sim­men­tal val­ley. Until the 5th cen­tury Wim­mis even had a town char­ter. The foun­da­ti­ons of the castle church date back to the time of Queen Berta, Queen of Bur­gundy (907–966) and of Lombardy.

In the Wim­mis His­to­ric Museum the history of the vil­lage through the mill­en­nia is told: from the cave dwel­lers of the Sim­men­fluh, the Roman sett­le­ment at the Pin­tel as well as life and death during the pla­gue. It also tells the story of early moun­tain tou­rism in Wim­mis, as our vil­lage was a popu­lar star­ting point for clim­bing the Niesen.

The ope­ning hours of the museum, addi­tio­nal infor­ma­tion about the exhi­bi­ti­ons and con­tact infor­ma­tion for indi­vi­dual gui­ded tours are avail­able hier.

Castle and church tours 2021 are can­ce­led because of COVID19 

From May to Octo­ber there are mon­thly gui­ded tours of one and a half hours’ dura­tion. Par­ti­ci­pants meet in the courty­ard of the castle, regis­tra­tion is not necessary. Howe­ver, the tours are not sui­ta­ble for people with phy­si­cal disa­bi­li­ties. The next gui­ded tours will take place on:

Gui­ded tours for groups are actually NOT avail­able on request. The basic fee is CHF 50 per guide and CHF 3 per per­son. Regis­tra­ti­ons are accep­ted by the castle guide:

Fritz Walt­her, 033 657 19 54 or 079 361 04 71

Copy­right by Ste­fan Grü­nig, Natur-Welten


Chirschmu­e­set (cherry puree) – a living tradition 

Since the 16th cen­tury cher­ries have been pureed in Wim­mis so that they can be stored. This tra­di­tion is pre­ser­ved and care­fully kept alive. The cher­ries are pain­sta­kin­gly che­cked, mas­hed in bar­rels and spread through linen sacks with spe­cial sticks. This sepa­ra­tes the juice, pulp and stones. The juice obtai­ned in this way is thi­c­ke­ned by boi­ling for hours in a cheese kettle and stir­ring con­stantly to a spread­a­ble mass, the ‘chirschmues’ (cherry puree). ‘Wim­mi­ser Chirschmues’ is a natu­ral pro­duct, which means that the yield varies from year to year and the sup­ply can be cor­re­spon­din­gly scarce. This spe­cia­lity is sold in various shops in the vil­lage.

Hud­lete & Pöög­lete – Next Generation 

At the begin­ning of every Janu­ary the evil spi­rits are dri­ven out in Wim­mis. This Wim­mis tra­di­tion, which has exis­ted for cen­tu­ries, has been suc­cess­fully car­ried out in various forms over the last 20 years.

Now it’s time to brea­the new life into the old tra­di­tion. In future the child­ren and young people will meet in the rol­ler hockey hall on 2 Janu­ary to have fun, dis­co­ver new things or ask cri­ti­cal ques­ti­ons of the community’s poli­ti­cal lea­ders. In the after­noon the child­ren head in pro­ces­sion to the old people’s home to delight the resi­dents with their sin­ging and music. Finally the pro­ces­sion reaches the castle. Will the ghost escape the kids this year…?

Leisure acti­vi­ties

The ideal star­ting point for holi­days and recreation 

The out­door play­ground for child­ren and adults is loca­ted in Wim­mis right on the door­step: locals and guests alike enjoy the pro­xi­mity to nature and the nume­rous pos­si­bi­li­ties for recrea­tion, sports, cul­ture and excur­si­ons. For more details please see Akti­vi­ties.

Forest hut and Her­ren­mät­teli bar­be­cue area 

The Her­ren­mät­teli, a clea­ring with cove­red bar­be­cue area, is loca­ted in the middle of the forest and only a few minu­tes’ walk from the train sta­tion. The forest hut, fur­nis­hed with tables and ben­ches, can accom­mo­date up to 20 people and is avail­able for rent. The costs depend on the ren­tal period.

All visi­tors are reques­ted to take good care of the forest hut and the bar­be­cue area. Please treat the Her­ren­mät­teli with respect — it belongs to our vil­lage and thus to all of us.

Reser­va­tions: Wim­mis muni­ci­pa­lity, +41 33 657 81 11, tourismus@wimmis.ch  

Restau­rants and Accomodation

Enjoya­ble food, wee­kend trips or holidays 

The culi­nary faci­li­ties offe­red by Wim­mis are small but exqui­site, and there is a range of accom­mo­da­tion for our over­night guests and holidaymakers.

Hotel Löwen
Hotel – Motel – Restau­rant
Haupt­strasse 24
3752 Wim­mis
+41 33 657 12 45

Gast­hof Kreuz
Haupt­strasse 15
3752 Wim­mis
+41 33 657 17 47

Onkel Thoms Schnit­zel­scheune
Sim­men­tal­strasse 22
3752 Wim­mis
+41 33 657 13 48

Bäcke­rei-Kon­di­to­rei Gra­ber
Haupt­strasse 28
3752 Wim­mis
+41 33 657 07 71

Tea Room Bach­tele
Alters­zen­trum Bach­tele
Ober­dorf­strasse 8
3752 Wim­mis
+41 33 657 86 86 


Haus Grau
Fami­lie Grau
Hofit­gasse 1
3752 Wim­mis
+41 33 657 25 78 / +41 79 674 41 31
2 room appart­ment in the village-center. 

more infor­ma­ti­ons: Feri­en­woh­nung Haus Grau (PDF)

Haus Stucki
Fami­lie Fritz Stucki
Eifeld­weg 15
3752 Wim­mis
Tel. +41 33 657 23 39
Mobile +41 79 294 81 88 

more infor­ma­ti­ons: Feri­en­woh­nung Haus Stucki (PDF)

Haus Zur­brugg
Cor­ne­lia und Mar­tin Zur­brügg 
Gur­ze­le­strasse 20
3752 Wim­mis
+41 33 657 08 18 / +41 79 411 88 64
3 ½‑room-appart­ment in the village-center. 

more infor­ma­ti­ons: Feri­en­woh­nung Haus Zur­brügg (PDF)

Haus Rubin
Andreas Rubin
Mat­te­strasse 42
3752 Wim­mis
Mobile +41 79 333 39 92

quite loca­ted stu­dio, around 20 minu­tes walk from the train sta­tion of Wimmis. 

more infor­ma­ti­ons: Feri­en­woh­nung Haus Rubin (PDF)


Sagi­s­trasse 1
3752 Wim­mis
Kon­takt: Hans Josi
+41 79 366 96 81
acco­mo­da­tion for groups with 170 beds, kit­chen, shower/toilette, maga­zine and offices. 

Ski- und Berg­haus All­mi­ried
Ski­club Wim­mis 
All­mi­ried (Wirie­horn)
3756 Zwi­schen­flüh
Kon­takt: Mat­thias Hof­mann
+41 79 751 34 11
group acco­mo­da­tion with max. 30 beds, kit­chen, shower/toilette, indoor-fireplace.


Acti­vi­ties around wimmis 

Wim­mis – an ideal star­ting point for excursions 

Its cen­tral loca­tion and excel­lent public trans­port con­nec­tions make Wim­mis the ideal star­ting point for your stay in the Ber­nese Ober­land. Plan a day trip to Italy! Milan is just 2.5 hours away by train! On these pages we will show you the diver­sity of our region.

UNESCO – offi­cial websites

Expe­ri­ence our world heri­tage — visit the old town of Bern or the impres­sive Jung­frau area! On these pages you will find fur­ther infor­ma­tion:
Bern UNESCO-Welt­erbe
Jung­frau-Aletsch UNESCO-Welterbe

Leisure and shopping 

Events calen­dar

Art and culture 

Art and collections 

Cast­les on Lake Thun

Dis­co­ver the five cast­les on Lake Thun, all of them also easily acces­si­ble by public trans­port. More infor­ma­tion is avail­able here.

Twelve 1,000-year old churches 

The region around Lake Thun is known for pla­ces with a spe­cial spi­ri­tual reso­nance. This also inclu­des twelve churches, all of which are more than 1,000 years old. They are widely known, uni­quely beau­ti­ful, rich in history and shrou­ded in legend – find out more about them – here

Ideal for families 

The cinema — the per­fect solu­tion when it’s raining 

Diem­tig­ta­ler Haus­weg – hiking along a cul­tu­ral trail

We recom­mend a ram­ble along the Diem­tig­ta­ler Haus­weg, which leads past the most beau­ti­ful houses in the val­ley. One of the four dif­fe­rent paths, the Tal­weg, starts at Wim­mis rail­way sta­tion. You will find the rele­vant infor­ma­tion here.

Nature and the Alps 

Nature reser­ves



Sum­mer activities 


Open-air pools

Cycling tours

Water sports on Lake Thun 

Hiking trails in the Ber­nese Oberland 

Clim­bing and bouldering 

Acti­vi­ties in winter 


Win­ter hikes and snow­shoe tours 

Win­ter sports areas in the sur­roun­ding region 

Rela­xa­tion and wellness 

Fur­ther Information 

Wim­mis Tou­rism Association 

On behalf of guests and local residents

The aim of the Wim­mis Tou­rism Asso­cia­tion is to pro­mote tou­rism in the muni­ci­pa­lity by means of com­mu­ni­ca­tion, to imple­ment mea­su­res to enhance and pre­serve the vil­lage (e. g. by pro­vi­ding ben­ches or the orga­ni­sa­tion of flower deco­ra­tion com­pe­ti­ti­ons), to orga­nise the’ Chirschmu­e­set’ and to ensure the main­ten­ance of the forest hut and the ‘Her­ren­mät­teli’ bar­be­cue area. The castle and church tours, which are also orga­nised by the Wim­mis Tou­rism Asso­cia­tion, are very popu­lar. The asso­cia­tion con­tri­bu­tes to the cost of ligh­t­ing the castle and the church. The Wim­mis Tou­rism Asso­cia­tion is made up of local citi­zens who have dedi­ca­ted them­sel­ves to achie­ving these goals. The various acti­vi­ties and offers are finan­ced by the income from the visi­tor tax and mem­bers­hip fees.


Aerial view of the castle and Wim­mis church: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hMKc8TIs2cQ 

Copy­right Ste­fan Grü­nig, Natur-Welten

Impres­si­ons of the village
Buil­dings and sights
Nature and the mountains
Shop­ping facilities
Restau­rants and accommodation 

Social Media

The Wim­mis Tou­rism Asso­cia­tion is also on Face­book! We look for­ward to a vir­tual visit from you: 

Face­book Wim­mis Tourism

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Get­ting here

Haus Zur­brugg
Cor­ne­lia und Mar­tin Zur­brügg 
Gur­ze­le­strasse 20
3752 Wim­mis
+41 33 657 08 18 / +41 79 411 88 64
3 ½‑Zim­mer-Woh­nung im Dorfzentrum

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Burgergemeinde Wimmis
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Marlise Kammer
+41 33 657 17 57

Kirchgemeinde Wimmis
Oberdorfstrasse 16A
Postfach 26
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Pfarrerin Sarah Müller
Tel: +41 33 657 12 87

Frau Ursula Urech-Lengacher
jeweils Dienstag 09.30-11.30 Uhr
Tel: +41 33 657 06 59


Daniel Germann, Schulhaus Chrümig 
+41 79 353 17 96

Danielle De Maddalena

Schulleitung IBEM Niedersimmental
Marianne Morgenthaler
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Vizepräsident Schulkommission
Andreas Josi
+41 79 687 27 24

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Nadia Gurtner
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Schulhaus Oberdorf
+41 33 657 14 32

Spezialunterricht Oberdorf
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Schulhaus Chrümig
Schulhausstrasse 13
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Kindergarten Amtshaus
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+41 33 657 01 13

Präsident Schulkommission
Bruno Stucki
+41 79 337 46 21

Aufgabenhilfe / Nachhilfeunterricht
Regula Fankhauser
+41 33 657 29 93

Schulverein Wimmis, Reutigen und Umgebung
Präsidentin Ursula Egger-Amacher

Alarmierung über 118

Hptm Münger Hans Rudolf
Eifeldweg 12
3752 Wimmis
Mobil: 076 318 88 57

Fourier Lüthi Thomas
Bostudenstrasse 8/29
3604 Thun
Mobil: 078 942 66 77

E-Mail an das Kommando

Hotline Technischer Dienst
Mobile: 075 417 02 48


Wm Streich André
Mobil: 079 691 28 54

Oblt Kernen Thomas
079 513 21 14

Wimmis Tourismus
Bahnhofstrasse 7
Postfach 36
CH-3752 Wimmis 

Tel: +41 33 657 81 11

Alle Telefonnummern

Der Notfalldienst wird jeweils im Niedersimmentaler Amtsanzeiger publiziert. Dieser erscheint wöchentlich am Donnerstag. Bei einem Notfall, wenden Sie sich bitte an Ihren Hausarzt. Sollte der Telefonbeantworter eingeschaltet sein, hören Sie diesen bis zum Schluss ab, meist wird die Notfallnummer genannt. Ist niemand erreichbar, gibt Telefon 144 die Nummer des diensthabenden Notfallarztes bekannt.

Ärzte in Wimmis:

Dr. Bettina Kohlhoff
Bahnhofstrasse 19
3752 Wimmis
+41 33 657 14 74

Dr. Philipp Ganz
Chrümigstrasse 16
3752 Wimmis
+41 33 657 12 12

Zahnärztlicher Notfalldienst Verwaltungskreis Thun / Niedersimmental:

Notfalldienst Spital Thun
Bernstrasse 5
3600 Thun
+41 33 226 26 26


Bettina Kohlhoff
Bahnhofstrasse 19, 3752 Wimmis
033 657 14 74

Ganz Philipp
Chrümigstrasse 16, 3752 Wimmis
033 657 12 12


Oberdorfstrasse 6, 3752 Wimmis
033 657 86 86

Apotheke Niesen:

Grünig A. + R.
Oberlandstrasse 7, 3700 Spiez
033 655 50 60


Lehnherr Christoph
Schreinergasse 2, 3752 Wimmis
033 657 18 70

Begleitung Schwerkranke / Sitzwache

Spitex Niesen
Bachtelestrasse 1B, 3752 Wimmis
033 657 16 72

Oberdorfstrasse 16, 3752 Wimmis
033 657 12 87

Beo care
0844 144 144

Alle Telefonnummern

  • Josi Barbara 
    Gemeindepräsidentin (SVP)
    +41 79 435 81 07
  • Bigler Matthias
    Gemeinderatsvizepräsident (Forum)
    +41 33 657 76 57
  • Lehnherr Hans-Rudolf
    Gemeinderat (SVP)
    +41 79 334 01 40
  • Lörtscher Martin
    Gemeinderat (SVP)
    +41 31 322 63 73
  • Stucki Bruno
    Gemeinderat (SVP)
    +41 79 337 46 21
  • Zaugg Markus
    Gemeinderat (parteilos)
    +41 79 439 72 17



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